The Ecology of Lonesomeness

Kaleb Schwartz isn’t interested in the Loch Ness Monster. He’d enough cryptobiological speculation about Bigfoot while studying the Pacific Northwest forests. He’s in Scotland’s Great Glen to investigate aquatic food webs and nutrients cycles; if he proves there’s no food for any creature bigger than a pike, then so much the better.

Jessie McPherson has returned to Loch Ness after finishing university in London, hoping to avoid the obsession with its dark waters she had when younger and first discovered lonesomeness. She knows any relationship with a scientist studying the lake is a bad idea, but something about Kaleb makes her throw caution to the depths.

When Kaleb discovers Jessie’s lonesomeness refers not just to the solitude of the loch, he’s faced with an ecological problem of monstrous proportions. Can he find a way to satisfy both the man and the scientist inside himself, and do the right thing?

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This novel was inspired by the idea of Rewilding Islands; a topic I blog about quite often.

You can read more details on the project here….

I am currently seeking reviews for this novel. If you interesed in getting a free advanced copy in exchange for an honest review, contact me on my Facebook page or leave a comment here, or email

To see some of the reviews this book has already garnered, click here…

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