I never used to write Haikus. My poetry is usually of the longer (and more obvious) sort.
But a year or so back I tried a few out. I even got Don Wentworth, the editor of Lilliput Review, a poetry journal specializing in poems of less than ten lines, close to biting one for his Issa’s Untidy Hut. But not quite.
I posted a selection of them a while back, but I thought they deserved a page of their own.
I and have written quite a few more since, too. They are all very diverse.
Some probably don’t follow the rules quite as well as they should. But I stopped worrying too much about the rules once I knew I could follow them if need be. I also give each one a title, something not always done with Haikus. Sometimes the title is almost part of the poem, sometimes not.




Cyclist careening down

Mountain, crouching under wind

Ignoring the sky.



Cycling through city –
The cars, once sold:
A promise of freedom.



August cornflowers
Watching always
The buzzard on the post



Circling vultures
Await not a death,
But the humans to disperse.


Mountain Village

Five streetlights
Huddled under
Pale shadow.


Sinking or Swimming.

Swim! they scream,
Splashing frantic
Water into our faces.


The Perspective of Theology

I see the truth –
Another perspective
Would just confuse.



The urge



Observing engineers
Learning difference between
Spanner, wrench and ratchet.



Grabbing spanners
Learning wrenches and ratchets
Yet never engineers.


Noise Pollution

Cycling with child –
A question cried out.
I hear the traffic.


Against the Wind

The north wind
Pushes me to work –
Home is a struggle.



Is end.


Smoke lingers,
Fireworks cascade


Time Machine

And if I had a time machine,

I think

I’d just press pause.



The red Porsche

Parked outside Tiffany’s

Drew cops’ attention.


At Sunset



Fireworks blaze



Suffer the Little Children


Let the kids suffer:

We do them no favours,

Making shit easy.



Staring at

Falling snowflakes

Like spellbinding fire



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