Peter and the Little People


This is my fifth book under my own name.

Originally published with Muse It Up, which sadly closed in 2021, I have republished it for Kindle and in Paperback!


Your kids’ll love it.

Here’s the blurb:

You’ve heard stories about Little People: leprechauns and their like. Ireland is full of people who’ve had strange experiences out in the fields in the early morning. All just tall tales and myths, of course.

At least, we assume so…

But Peter knows better.

A boy with a love of wildlife and talent for spotting animals, Peter often sees what he calls elves in the fields as he travels Ireland with his dad. Sometimes it’s just a flash as they drive by, but he catches sight of something too swift for most people to keep their eye on. And Peter is young enough to trust his own eyes more than the adults who tell him these creatures are not real.

When his family go to spend the summer with his granny on her farm, Gemma from the farm next door offers to show him the badger sett under an old Ring Fort. Peter accepts gladly. To his surprise and delight he finally gets a chance to do more than catch a glimpse of the Little People. Will the Little People be just as happy? Perhaps, when Peter learns about some plans for the farm, they might be.

10% of the Author’s Royalties will be donated to IWT, the Irish Wildlife Trust.


I have decided to donate to IWT because they are the people who look after our Irish wildlife and ensure that the species Peter loves are protected from going the way of the animals the Little People used to see, and will remain in good health in the future.


It’s on Kindle for 1,99,  Paperback for just 9.99!


Here’s an excerpt:

When Peter saw a Little Person for the very first time, he didn’t know what it was. He’d only been five at the time. He’d already got a good idea about many wild animals in the countryside, and it certainly wasn’t any beast you would see on a farm. He was sure of that straightaway, even from the glimpse he got through a hedgerow of the small, brown figure walking along a ditch. It was the size of a good-sized rabbit or a hare—if a rabbit could stand up and walk on back legs—perhaps like a hare boxing.

It wasn’t either of those animals, however. It didn’t look like an animal at all. It looked like a man.

But it was too small to be a man. And it wasn’t a baby, either—it looked very different to how Andrew had looked when he came home from the hospital and from how he’d been since then. It looked like an adult. Yet, if there were humans that size in the world, why had he never met one? He’d met lots of different types of people from lots of places in the world. He hadn’t met any Eskimos yet, or Amazonians or Australian Aborigines, it was true, but he’d seen them on telly. The smallest person he’d ever seen, even on telly, was at least three feet tall. So it could not have been a human he’d spotted walking along the edge of the field. And yet, it wasn’t like any animal in his Big Book of British Mammals. He’d looked through every page.


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