Reviews of Five Days on Ballyboy Beach

I am delighted with the reception this story is getting.

Here are some of the reviews so far.


I think that this novel had a slow start, but eventually it really picks up and the emotion and drama that comes about will keep you sincerely invested.
This is a tearjerker for sure. It really pulls on your emotions and you will go through just about every one throughout the course of the novel.

A life Through Books




I liked this book, although it was a bit sad at the end. I liked that it was a snapshot, a brief window into someone’s life. Just a short segment where two very important things happen.

There is a bit of drama, but I liked how it didn’t overwhelm everything. Even when things were getting to be too much, Derek could always go off and find comfort in nature. The descriptions were very good. It was very easy to visualize the locations and what was going on.

I did think that the people could have been described more. There were a lot, so it would have been harder, but the main characters should have been. I felt like we got to see enough of Derek to get to know what he was like, but not enough of Sinéad or John or Bill or Jessica. Or Sarah. We got just enough to understand how they fit in the story, but not enough to really see them as people. It made the two events seem less real, somehow.

It felt like a short book that could have been longer, but it was enjoyable. I really liked the descriptions and the philosophical questions. There was a lot of thinking and questioning going on, and the dialogue felt very realistic, which is unusual. The ending was…bittersweet.

Awesome Book Assessment



Five Days on Ballyboy Beach is more of a life lesson than a contemporary romance to me. Derek was happy to be the guy who takes a back seat while watching others rush on with life. It was in a camping trip with Sinead, Sarah, Bill and John for the night when Derek realizes his attraction to pretty Sinead.

Told in first person point of view, the readers can see Derek’s attitude towards life and love as he faces questions in his life. This is not a long read, five days on a beach is not a long time, so things move quickly in Derek’s life.

Without much to describe to spoil the story, this book is a touching read, it tells of friendship and how unpredictable life can be, and why Five Days on Ballyboy Beach is a reminder that we should all seize love when it comes our way.


Penny for my Thoughts Review





It took me awhile to get into this book but it was definitely a good quick read.  Once the plot got moving I really ended up enjoying the book.  It is well written, easy to follow, and an engaging story. I look forward to reading more from this author!

Palmer’s Page Turners




Sometimes, life throws stones on you and you are either caught off-guard or you simply see it coming. Either way, the consequences that follows next may not prepare you for the worst thing that could happen. Because life is like that. Unexpected yet inevitable.

Take for example, Derek. He had been friends with Sinead for years, but he never looked at her the way a dashing prince charming does with his princess. But now, things suddenly changed. He had this urge to break it all up with the one he’s currently dating so he could start anew with his bestfriend. But could he finally act on it?

Derek and his friends spent five days camping at Ballyboy Beach. Random topics were discussed, as well as revelations and surprises. But the biggest shock of it all was the untimely tragedy that befell on them. 

I was deeply moved by this book. The characters were realistic, talked about their lives and their future, had their hands on alcohol, drugs and sex, and at the end, they had to be strong for each other as they struggle to accept the tragedy and reality of it all. 

David O’Brien had written a poignant yet touching book that I wouldn’t forget. This is the kind of novel that would pluck at your heartstrings and make you see what’s beyond life. A sad yet truly powerful book!


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