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Format:Kindle Edition
Paul McHew is and has been for many years, the leash of the pack. Simply put, he runs with a group of modern day werewolves and it is his responsibility to keep the others from getting into too much trouble when they go wild during the three evenings of the full moon. During the rest of the month, these men are respected professionals, but the pull of the full moon and the changes in their body chemistry, turn them into men on the prowl with wild and lustful appetites. These men don’t shapeshift, the only thing that changes is their body chemistry and they have never been the monsters that have been spoken of in tales of lore. When Paul meets Susan one night in a bar, he realizes that his time to leave the pack has come. Susan is the woman with whom he wishes to spend the rest of his life. The only obstacle is that Paul must tell Susan that he is a werewolf and she has to accept this, before they can ever wed. Everything is going well until they are attacked by a group of junkies. Then both Paul’s and Susan’s lives are both torn to shreds within seconds.This is the best and most believeable werewolf novel this reader has ever read! It makes sense that some people can be more affected by the full moon than others. The characters were wonderful and the reader will enjoy getting to meet the entire pack, as well as Susan’s best friend Jenny. The pack is very clever at getting one another out of trouble when something really bad happens to a pack member. This novel has some very high points as well as some very low points, but they all make it an excellent read! This reader would recommend anyone, even those not into paranormal, to read this novel, it is so well and cleverly written.


This story is a little different than most shifter books I have read. They way O’Brien writes this story and the characters makes it believable. He gives just enough detail to keep you interested and wanting more. This is the perfect start to a trilogy. I look forward to reading more. If you’ve not read this, you should!


Paul has been the leader of the pack for some time now and knows that soon it will come time for him to settle down and pass the reins onto someone else. He can feel it in the air that his life is going to change tonight. As usual him and his pack meet up and head out to the clubs to blow off a little steam. Susan is sitting at the bar with some of her work mates and starting to question why they came to this particular bar. That is until she spies a group of men walk into the club that exude confidence and something else she can’t quite put her finger on. She starts to flirt from afar with one of the men but does not want to appear to him as all the rest of the women who are drooling non-stop. Paul makes his way over to Susan and the going is rough at first but soon they hit it off. Paul knows from their first encounter that Susan is the one. He just has to figure out how to tell her what he is and prepare his pack for his departure. Will Paul lose Susan when she finds out the truth? Will Susan be strong enough to deal with Paul’s secret? Or will they both loose a one of a kind love over doubts and legends? (less)


on 05 September 2014
Format: Kindle Edition

I worried that this book might be too much fantasy for my tastes, but I absolutely enjoyed every page. Once I became connected to Paul’s character (about midway through Chapt 1), I was hooked and couldn’t put it down. I was rooting for the characters till the end and I felt very connected and invested in them.
Yes, it’s about werewolves. But it’s not. It’s a realistic and artfully told story about people and relationships. The werewolf thing? It really just serves to up the intrigue and sexiness. And yes, it’s a good bit sexy.


Format:Kindle Edition
Leaving the Pack is a gripping exploration of the existence of werewolves in a modern, urban society. Science grounds this tale firmly in reality. It is well written, with a compelling mix of sex, love and violence that will keep you reading late into the night. I can’t wait to get my hands on the next installment. A must read!
Amazing story great characters. It catches your attention from the very beginning. Nothing to do with others novel about werewolves. This one is much better. It is a must
on 24 September 2014
Format: Kindle Edition

This book was entirely new to me in terms of genre , typically do not go for fantasy books seeing as how many of them took off in pop culture . But this novel was far more different than the ones that are like it such as “Twillight” . The plot of the story kept my attention for the most part I read the novel in my leisure time but became more captivated by the creativity of the author. As a college student this really took me away from my regular readings and put in somewhat of an escape when I took time out to read this book. I would definitely recommend this piece to anyone who has not familiarized themselves with such fantasy novels. With the expansion of these types of writings it has the potential to take off and possibly be part of the mainstream culture as long as it is kept original. In my personal opinion this is “On the edge of your seat” type reading.
This book is not the typical shape shifter/werewolf book. I kept waiting and waiting to find out what this author’s take on the werewolf would be and thoroughly enjoyed the unfolding of the history of Paul and his ancestors when it arrived near the end. This is definitely a love story but it also tells of Paul’s strong ties to his “gang” or pack – the group of young men that he spends three nights with every month during the full moon. The author has written a believable story with characters living real lives in a real world – even though Paul and his mates are a bit other than the humans they live among. This book has fights, blood, some violence, love, sex and conflicts to overcome. I liked all of the characters in the book and look forward to learning more about them and their pack in the books to follow.4.5 stars


5.0 out of 5 stars Great Read 19 May 2014
Format:Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
What a great book, well written and had you captivated by the characters from the first few pages , loved the story and didn’t want it to end .cant wait for the next one.


4.0 out of 5 stars Great twist on werewolf tales 20 Aug 2014
Format:Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
Great twist on werewolf tales. Animal behaviour or human norms? Growing up freely or conforming? Thought provoking beyond the literary tale.


4.0 out of 5 stars They’re Just Like You and Me! June 15, 2014
Format:Kindle Edition
The story opens with Paul waking up by the knowledge that today is the day he will meet the woman with whom he’ll spend the rest of his life. It’s a day he awaits with great joy and mind-numbing fear!
For Paul McHew, lawyer by day and werewolf by night, is the leader of a werewolf pack that runs the local city streets during the three nights of every full moon cycle each month. During that time the pack seeks to drink their fill and enjoy as many women as they can have; they’re full of an extraordinary energy and lust for life during this lunar time. However, they will die out unless they marry outside of their pack and what human would marry a werewolf?
Susan is a feisty gal who actually makes the first move when she spots Paul in a local bar. For the first few minutes it even seems as if they clash so much, there isn’t a chance they will wind up on a date let alone fall in love. However, that spark has been lit for sure and they do begin to have some wildly hot romantic nights, spend many an evening sharing drinks, and even get to the point when Paul tells Sara he has to be with his buddies at the time of the full moon. Susan is amused for the first few months but then begins to wonder at this obsession Paul must fulfill each month!
Meeting Paul’s family and planning for the holidays delights Susan, yet Paul is unhappier within himself as time passes for he must tell her about the secret his family has held for centuries. Humans have been told some truths, some lies, some fantastical stories and more about the true identity of werewolves, with the result being that all humans associate with the word werewolf is absolute, unmitigated horror!
Some scenes in the book carry just enough violence to confirm the association, but the reader must decide how much of reason and animal behavior accounts for what happens in each scene.
This is the story of a huge romance that must unfold with the reality of horror diluted by the truth. David O’Brien paces the conflict perfectly and it all reads like a light-hearted, passionate romance tinged with some darkness. It seems like a wonderful beginning to this horror-romance trilogy and it has just the right amount of passion and intrigue to keep the reader avidly flipping the pages! Nicely done, David O’Brien – looking forward to the next novel!


As I’m not a fan of romance or books about werewolves, I wasn’t expecting to enjoy this book very much. I was in for quite a surprise, as this book was engaging, enjoyable, and a fascinating read.

The story follows a young lady, Susan, and a young man, Paul. They meet unexpectedly in a club and fall deeply in love. Unknown to Susan though, Paul is harboring a shocking secret, that he is a werewolf. As Susan and Paul’s relationship continues and Paul realizes that Susan is the woman he will settle down with, there are some things to take care of within the pack of werewolves that Paul leads. The story follows the two as Susan copes with her own issues and Paul takes care of things with the pack, all as they discover their growing relationship.

While I’m normally not a huge fan of books that feature romance, this story was tastefully done. There are many romantic aspects within the book, but the author keeps the sleaze and sex to a minimum and focuses on other aspects of the relationship. I really appreciated that while I was reading.

The authors writing style is very pleasant to read. While I can’t say that this story read as if written by a truly experienced author (there were a few parts that didn’t quite flow right), for the most part the writing was smooth and easy to read. I wasn’t distracted by any quirks that the authors writing style contained and didn’t find many faults within the writing at all.

In the end, I truly enjoyed this book and am looking forward to reading more. I would definitely recommend this book to those who are interested in books about werewolves or tasteful romances. (less)


5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent read, I’d highly recommend this book July 3, 2014
By Barry
Format:Kindle Edition
I found this book extremely enjoyable. The characters were very realistic, you really become immersed in their world.
The plot was exciting and fast paced, I was turning the pages to find out what happened next. I am really looking
forward to the next chapter of this action packed trilogy.


4.0 out of 5 stars interesting take on the werewolf mythology, December 6, 2014
Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
This review is from: Leaving the Pack (Silver Nights Trilogy, book 1) (Kindle Edition)
It was great to read a book that was different from the rest of the genre. A werewolf that doesn’t actually turn into a wolf- clever, well written. I hope there’s a sequel eventually.


4.0 out of 5 stars Quality writing and a great story. . . September 29, 2014
By Kate
Format:Kindle Edition
Hmmn. I thought I was in control of who I choose to “hook up” with. Apparently, the werewolves have set their sites on me, and I am in their spell. All in the name of the full moon. Hmmn.
An interesting take on the werewolf legend, it gives the reader plenty of opportunities to re-think the scores of paranormal romances out there, and lends a new voice to the “pack”.
Superficially, this novel follows a traditional romance – boy meets girl, boy gets girl. Things are rosy until something happens. Then, boy loses girl. But that is where the similarities end.
The first difference of note is the descriptive quality that Paul’s thoughts. The prose is effusive, and perhaps indicative of his age. There is a vast amount of time in sensory and emotional description as well as time spent in learning the history of Paul and the pack.
While I found it difficult to read at times (as it felt like a regency romance at times and not the recent historical it is), the reader should most certainly keep going.
Our heroine, Susan, is much easier to read. Sadly, at times, she feels like an afterthought, not like the integral part of the story that she truly is. On a side note, she also takes a lot more crap from Paul than I ever would. But then again, I’m not dating a werewolf. (I think!)
It is specifically important to note: the quality of the sex scenes is wonderful! Descriptive, plentiful, and mostly emotional. The fight scenes are also fantastic. The made me very happy I was reading and not there in person.
I am not sure why the book is set in 1988. Thoughts running through my head as I was reading it were that perhaps this was a reissue and really was written as a contemporary, or perhaps this was just a special time in the author’s life, and that is why he chose to write in this time period. It was, at times, distracting, to know the exact year the author was writing in. On the plus side, he is able to reference specific songs – and they are all real and start to play in your head as you read that scene. A nice touch. The other problem I had was in that I do not know where this story occurs. I don’t know if it is real or immaginary. There is a line in the book that calls it an “eternal” city. This captured my mind and kept me guessing as to which city, which county it might have been. (I hear “eternal city” and think of Paris, which it clearly was not!)
With all of the events occurring throughout the book, one of my favorite scenes in the book was where Paul took Susan to meet his father and grandfather. There is just enough mystical quality to keep you guessing. Truly, I am still not sure that Grandfather can’t shape-shift (even though Paul specifically tells Susan that werewolves can not do so).
There are stories that you finish, and, well, that’s it. It was good and then it was over. Then there are the stories and the characters that stay with you. Happily, I can include Leaving the Pack in this second category. It is a good thing this is so. . . there are two more stories in the trilogy. . . a good thing I want some more!

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