Reviews of Unleashing the Pack

In this last book of the Silver Nights Trilogy, we meet up with many of the same beloved characters from the two previous stories. This time, the pack is threatened by a formidable enemy, the bloodsuckers. Their plan is to destroy all the werewolves and use all humans for their own private buffet and brothel. “Unleashing the Pack” is much darker than the previous stories, with much bloodshed and killing. Definitely not for the faint hearted. There is a bit of romance in the beginning, but that plot soon dies off and moves into the extreme violence between the werewolves and the bloodsuckers. There are so many characters it is often hard to keep up with them all. This story is unique because Anna, a female werewolf, runs with the pack, thus changing the dynamic. At times the story gets bogged down in details, such as when the bodies are being disposed. A fast paced novel, there is lots of action and integrity displayed. A worthy finale to the Silver Nights Trilogy, it is definitely worth the read.
Belinda Wilson
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