About David J. O’Brien

full shot sideHello and welcome!

I am a writer, ecologist and teacher from Dublin, Ireland, now living in Pamplona Spain. I have a BSc in environmental biology and a PhD in deer biology from UCD. I still work on deer management and other ecological questions, especially large mammal management.

My novels, Leaving the Pack  and Five Days on Ballyboy Beach are published under the name David J. O’Brien, by Tirgearr Publishing.  My third novel with Tirgearr is called The Ecology of Lonesomeness. It will be out on June 27th.

My YA paranormal novel, The Soul of Adam Short will be published this summer by Muse It Up Publishing.

Under the pen name JD Martins I write erotic romance.

As an ecologist, I support the WWF and certain other NGOs concerned with conservation of species.

Since Leaving the Pack is a novel that deals with societies, it would be perhaps more appropriate to donate a portion of my royalties from its sales to Survival International, another group whose ends I consider very laudable; however, since it is my first book, I want to donate 10% of my royalties from this publishing contract to WWF. Currently, all of my contracted novels will also donate 10% of all royalties to WWF. When I publish a sequel to Leaving the Pack, (which I am currently working on!) I’ll donate a proportion of proceeds to Survival.

Apart from my own academic and non-academic writing, I proofread and perfect the English of scientific papers and I am available for this work on a freelance basis. Contact me at the email address below.

Many of my poems have been published in poetry journals and anthologies, such as:

Albatross, Houseboat, Misty Mountain Review

You can read some of poetry and short stories right here on this website: I plan to post a poem or two every week – if I am deficient about that, feel free to comment (I get sidetracked sometimes!) and I will get on it…

My youtube channel, formerly called daveobjp, is https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIIUO91SFG-Kq0tKnWd7RAg

My google+ page is: https://plus.google.com/u/0/+DavidOBrienauthor/about

You can email me at:  davidjmobrienauthor@gmail.com

and follow me on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/DavidJMOBrien

Some old photos from different parts of the world are on my flicker account. https://www.flickr.com/photos/davidjmobrien/


  1. You support the WWF? Is that still going? Never the same after the Hulk Hogan Randy Savage era!

    • Just to clarify for anyone who actually really doesn’t know, the World Wrestling Federation had to change to WWE, (E for entertainment) because the World Wildlife Fund had rights over the WWF acronym by virtue of previous use.

  2. Congrats on your upcoming release with MIU! Ellis Nelson

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