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5.0 out of 5 stars Entrancing Sequel, March 25, 2017

By Belinda Wilson

This review is from: Leading the Pack (Silver Nights Trilogy, book 2) (Kindle Edition)

This is the sequel to “Leaving the Pack” that fans have so eagerly been waiting for and Mr. O’Brien has very adroitly delivered the goods. Patrick and the members of his pack come to life and reach off the pages to bring the reader into the story. Favorites from the original novel such as Paul, David, and Susan are reintroduced in this story and are well integrated into the tale, blending the three generations together into a single novel. The writing is exquisite and one can see what is happening in every scene in graphic detail. Each of the characters has his own personality with his own flaws and this adds richness to the story. Now fans have an excellent piece to savor until the third novel comes out to complete the trilogy


4.5 Stars

Cathy Geha

Leading the Pack by David J. O’Brien
Silver Nights Trilogy #2

Werewolves still exist and seem to be thriving as O’Brien picks up the story of the Wilkez packs twenty years after Paul, main character of book one, mated and stepped down as leash. In this book Paul’s son, Patrick, has come of age and is heading out to spend three nights in town “running” the streets – just as his father did once before. Patrick is the expected leash for his generation and though he believes he is ready and understands there is a lot he has to learn to be a good alpha werewolf capable of leading his pack – most of what has to be learned must be done alone while running the streets.

With strong appetites controlling young men three nights of the month it is no easy job for the leash, and no simple matter for the leash’s superior, to maintain control and mete out justice when needed. Women and alcohol help but there is much unknown, much to learn, self-control to be found and consequences to face when choices lead to trouble. Will Patrick be able to be the “leash” expected: strong, focused, wise – a true leader OR will he fail?

Great addition to the Silver Nights trilogy! I can see that there is fodder for stories for a long time. I can also see this as a TV series at some point in the future. I would like to thank the author for the ARC and am looking forward to reading book three when it comes out. This is my honest review.




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