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Here’s a link to an article I just had published in, a website for Irish writers, about keeping at this writing lark for the long haul….

Sommer Marsden has graciously invited me to post my paranormal book blurb on her blog, along with a little poem for halloween….



The friend zone is often talked about in movies (often a bit silly in my opinion) but what I want to talk about is why someone would leave the friend zone – and it’s something people can only do together. Pat McDermott kindly invited me to ponder this on her blog, Across the Plain of Shining Books.

Morning all. Today I’m talking about the word “West” and what it means to us when we hear it – the connotations and associations of places in our imagination… being guested by Charlene Raddon who writes novels set in the Old West….

Spainish Wolves Increasing (and the sky isn’t falling on anyone’s head)

this is a newspaper article about the increase in population of Iberian wolves in the a region of the north of Spain, where wolves had never been exterminated and slowly recovered since protection was given (though the packs are hunted where densities are highest. The latest comprehensive census shows wolves are spreading out through other areas and where they are in low density are protected.

The regional wildlife authority suggests that the population south of the River Duero has increased enough to allow hunting and says that since population has increased where wolves are already hunted it shows that the permitted hunts are not limiting the population.

There are some areas where wolves have not increased despite the potential for it – good food sources etc.- and that needs to be investigated. The laws against leaving out dead livestock for scavengers (a big source of food for protected vultures here) has also slowed down the population increase.

So where wolves are left alone, or even hunted at low levels in a ecologically responsible manner, they can increase 20% over 13 years, and few problems between wolves and humans have been recorded (the only ones being between some farmers who have had to change some of their livestock management practices).

Interview on Across the Plains of Shining Books Blog

An interview on Pat McDermott’s blog, Across the Plains of Shining Books today. (What a great name for a blog! and great questions)

book highlight on Goddessfish party pavilion blogsot

Awesome Gang Interview

Book Reader Magazine Featured Interview

my recent interview with Book Reader Magazine.

Author interview by Fiona McVie

Fiona McVie inverviews authors on her website. She does perhaps the most comprehensive interview out there. It was great fun to do. Have a look at my answers at this link.