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Dog’s might in fact go to heaven. And my poem’s reduntant…

I posted this poem just a month ago…

Dogs don’t go to Heaven

They told me dogs don’t go to Heaven.

If so, then much less the wolf,
Nor would the fleet deer flee.
If there are no dogs allowed,
Then neither birds nor bumblebees
Enter, I’m sure. Who visits flowers, then?
None need, for they are also absent.
Mountains there are equally bare
Of the forest that covers the one before me.
When they tell me of Heaven, I can hardly
Imagine how the water flows and falls there,
Or why one would swim in the wide blue sea
Without a fish to see.
They tell me
Dogs don’t go to heaven, so I’ve decided
That’s not somewhere I’d for ever want to be.

But there goes Pope Francisco changing the catholic church and its dogma under our feet…

Seems dogs just might get to slip through the bars of the pearly gates, like all dogs sneak into our gardens – at least those little jack russell gits and their ilk.

heaven dogs

Good on him. Not sure how the theology of it will work out, but who cares?


I’ve not posted any poems in a while, so I decided to add a page of Haikus to my website today. Hope one or two will please 🙂