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Interview on Across the Plains of Shining Books Blog

An interview on Pat McDermott’s blog, Across the Plains of Shining Books today. (What a great name for a blog! and great questions)

Awesome Gang Interview

Author interview by Fiona McVie

Fiona McVie inverviews authors on her website. She does perhaps the most comprehensive interview out there. It was great fun to do. Have a look at my answers at this link.

Interview by Jeff Gardiner

Day 5 of my blog tour!

Today I’m being interviewed by Jeff Gardiner on his blog:


I interviewed Jeff last month about his two newly released books Igboland and Treading on Dreams. One of his other books, the young adult novel Myopia, is a finalist for The People’s Book Prize. He’s a busy man! But he took some time to ask me a few questions about my writing and Leaving the Pack.

Day two of my blog tour!

I am being interviewed on Mary T Bradford’s blog today. Check it out and read my answers to her excellent questions!

Blog Radio Interview today

Going to have my first ever Internet Radio interview today at 4 Boston time, 9 Irish time, and 10 Spanish time.

I’ll be talking about my novel Leaving the Pack which is out in just two weeks!
For those who couldn’t tune in on the day, this same link will now bring you to the podcast of the radio show. It’s a great show, but if you only have time to listen to my parts, they’re from around 40-50 mins, 72-77 and 115-116.

There’s an excerpt and some spiel about my inspirations… hope you enjoy it !