Spring Rains

So spring is here. Finally. We had a long rainy few months here in Spain, such that our reservoirs, at historic lows, are now nearly all full and actually incapable of keeping back the flood waters and we are seeing huge damage in many places because rivers are overflowing downstream.

Now, as some clean up the mud, calculate the damage, we upstream are enjoying the sun and the sudden rise in temperatures to the twenties (˚C).  The bees are out in force, the house martins came back two weeks ago, last weekend we heard cuckoos, and the tadpoles are growing.


Dandelions have already been through their first generation of flowers while we were inside


Of course, even if the rain had continued, the birds would have returned, the tadpoles kept on growing, if a little more slowly – and certain of having their pools remain as long as they need them!

Here’s a poem I write while holed up in a cafe with the rain coming down on the horse chestnut tree outside…



The rain does not negate the spring

It only shrouds it in its gentle veil,

Perhaps dampen the flowers dazzle,

Keep crickets and butterflies undercover

Have bees seem few and far between

Make blackbird evensong sound more melancholy


But still the sunlight arrives, seeping

Through clouds to soil rising heat,

Sucking sap up trunks and twigs so

Bursting buds dangle like green dew jewels

Against damp dark boughs, and grubs

Break forth to chew upon them, feeding

Birds hidden on eggs heated, hatching, and

A season that will not be denied.


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Writer, ecologist and teacher

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