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David O’Brien Talks About Writing Strong Characters

I’m on Janie Franz’s blog today, talking about strong female characters

Anasazi Dreams

The Soul of Adam Short and Writing Strong Women Characters

Thanks for inviting me on your blog today Janie. I want to talk about my young adult novel, The Soul of Adam Short, which despite the name is mostly about Julie Lawless, Adam’s girlfriend, upon whose shoulders the weight of Adam’s predicament lies. She is a strong young lady, though, who’s more than capable of bearing it.

Though I’ve always enjoyed reading strong female characters like Jan-nel in The Lost Song Trilogy and Ayla in the Earth’s Children Series, I didn’t realise that I had written my own strong women characters, until some reviewers complimented me on the character of Jessie in one of my other novels, The Ecology of Lonesomeness: “I liked the fact that Jessie was portrayed as a strong woman with strong beliefs.” “I love Jessie, she is independent and has her own mind.” “She is a…

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