Book Review: One Night In Pamplona By JD Martins

What a great review of JD Martin’s One Night in Pamplona – and today is the last day of the #TirgearrSale where you can get this book for 99c!

The (Really) Naughty Corner

one night in pamplonaJeff is an American tourist in Spain, enjoying a break from his stressful job in a Boston law firm. He’s arrived in Pamplona at the height of the famous San Fermin festival, a time when the whole town dresses in red and white and gets together to dance, drink, pelt each other with saffron powder, enjoy the fireworks displays and, of course, run with the bulls through the town’s narrow streets. It’s also traditional for single people to go on the hunt for fun and flirtation, and while Jeff doesn’t have any plans to ditch his bachelor lifestyle, the festival’s intoxicating atmosphere soon has him in the mood to make the most of his stay and hook up with someone. When he meets local girl Idoia and practices his rusty Spanish on her, he’s initially drawn by her beauty, but Idoia is more than just a pretty face. She knows…

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