Daily Archives: September 4, 2015

Wolves in Luxemburg: what’s good for the Grand Duchy is good for the Republic?

I came across this article a few weeks back. For those who don’t have time to read it all, it says “Luxembourg is developing an action plan for when wild wolves return to the Grand Duchy, if they are not already present in the country.”

Part of this, according to Secretary of State Camille Gira is raising awareness, which “is important given the fact that a lot of people have an inaccurate image of the wolf, driven in part by fairy tales like Little Red Riding Hood, as well as negative campaigns which are not based on science but are launched by anti-wolf lobbying groups.”

And I thought to myself, in my innocence and naivety and my clinging to a scientific logic that few politicians seem to share, that if other European nations see themselves ethically obliged to have a plan for when the wolf returns, why don’t we have a plan to help the wolf return?

I mean, the wolf was eradicated from Luxemburg 120 years ago. There are still some who hate the wolf there, no doubt. But the plan will not pander to these citizens and kill the returning wolves. Instead, it will help the canine to re-establish itself, including giving compensation payments for loss of livestock.

The wolf can return to Luxemburg by itself, as long as it’s not eradicated by the surrounding German and French citizens. Unfortunately, the wolf can’t return to Ireland and Great Britain itself by natural expansion given current geographical problems that didn’t exist when it first expanded its range across Europe. But we eradicated it, and if Luxemburg and other continental nations are willing to take on the burden of taking it back rather than killing every returning individual or pack which they could just as easily do, then we on these islands should similarly have a plan to help the wolf get back.