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Voting Yes for marriage equality in Ireland.

Don’t normally retweet stuff, but since the day is fast approaching, just in case there are any undecided lads and lassies in my surroundings who might read this…
I have two things to add since I posted this on the blog. One, is that it seems Saint Patrick was himself gay, so it you’re sticking to your no guns out of respect for the shamrock, don’t bother: https://voxhiberionacum.wordpress.com/2015/05/04/st-patrick-marriage-equality/
The other things is that if you are worried that the sky might fall on your head because you vote yes, don’t worry – I’ve lived in Boston, capital city of the first state to adopt gay marriage in the USA, and I was still able to work in a Catholic School and teach kids stuff like evolution. Now I live in European country with gay marriage for ten years (yes, 10) and if you want to be off the wall, mad catholic, you still can – check this video out for mad catholic!
from my window no less.
So vote yes. Keep the no voters the ones with the masks on…

David JM O'Brien

vote yes

A few months back, I talked about voting YES in a referendum. Now I’m back doing the same. Different topic, different country, but strangely, I can’t actually vote myself in this one, either.
Even though it’s an Irish referendum, and I’m obviously Irish.
Once you leave the island, you may as well not exist for the Irish government and civil service. They probably want people to leave so they have fewer people to canvas for votes.
I have missed a good many votes since I left home.
Some of them I wish I could have been there for. This is definitely one of them. There have been significant changes to our constitution before. This is no less important. It is more so, in fact. It proposes that we, the Irish, change our constitution to make it possible for anyone to marry anyone else. And to have a family the way…

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