Daily Archives: March 11, 2015

A reader’s poll for you

Been busy at that stage of writing the first sequel to Leaving the Pack that I can’t think of anything else or the thing might get away from me.

But I’d to take a quick poll about covers and taglines and titles of a different book – The Ecology of Lonesomeness, my next book out in June – contemporary fiction…
1) Do you prefer to know exactly what the book is going to be about, or to be surprised?
2) Do you think the cover of Five Days on Ballyboy Beach left enough mystery?
3) What does the title The Ecology of Lonesomeness say to you? Do you think you know what the story will be about?
4) Should I put a tagline on the cover (a short quote like the one “Nobody Believes in Werewolves” I have on the cover of Leaving the Pack) to give a hint?
Appreciate any answers in the comments! Go!