a few poems

I’ve been spending a lot of time working on a sequel to Leaving the Pack, but I have a couple of posts that I’ve been meaning to write and post about the recent problems that have beset the few birds of prey we have in Ireland… meanwhile, here are a few poems I had been thinking of at the same time. Sorry they’re not very fluffy like the snow we’re having this winter…


The Popular Farmer’s Front Stand (at the Environmental Secretary’s Address)


The farmers stood around, shoulders huddled and

Muttering as the man took the podium, turning

Away, they heard one of their number say, and

Nodded in concert. “What has the environment

Ever done for any of us?”


New Year’s Resolution


This year I don’t purport to be a better person,

To improve on my impatience: but only to pretend

By letting other people’s shit slide by, instead

Of reacting to it the way it sure as shit deserves.


Dining with the Wealthy


I aspire to share their table;

Taste the same delicacies

But despise their company.



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