The Treachery of August

I haven’t been very active these last few weeks – been trying to finish my current work in progress, and I am glad to say that if I stay up till 2 am tonight, I’ll have a first draft!
Meanwhile, since all my plans of editing a selection of my short stories and having another novella completed as well as Silver Nights ready to start come September first, are beginning to look like they might not come to fruition, I was reminded of a poem I wrote this very day last year….

The Treachery of August

Ah, it seduces so well: entices one into
Almost awaiting until it arrives before
Beginning a novel, starting a book,
Executing all those excursion plans
With its beguiling promises of long empty days
To fill with what pleasures we would imagine:
Hours of quiet reading, silent writing,
Early morning swims and afternoon naps,
Eternal evenings upon a porch as glare softens to glow.

But it’s all so much illusion:
The days pass faster than counting;
The mornings disappear in groggy-eyed stupor;
Afternoons sweep by, and swims are just splashing
With children upon surfacing from siesta after five;
A walk is too much exertion in extreme heat;
The book interrupted by screaming, questions, requests….
Until September looms as soon as looking up
From our newspaper, to see another summer swept by
With nothing firm to fix it in our memory.

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Writer, ecologist and teacher

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