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Guest Blog, David O’Brien

Hello folks! Today I am guest blogging about how Leaving the Pack is quite romantic, despite those disconcerting eyes staring out of the night sky on the cover.
Don’t forget that 10% of all royalties goes to the WWF, those nice people trying to make sure we have world worth looking at after the bankers realise that they can’t eat money, or we realise that there’s more important things than football…
The other 90%, incidentally, is going to my dentist, it seems… So I might not be smiling for a while.
And if any of you good people has read the book and would like to write a review, message or mail me and I’ll give you an article about to go about it, and links to where people read reviews…

Charlotte Howard - Romance Author

David O'Brien HS

First of all, thanks a million to Charlotte for letting me hog her blog for the day! I’ve written before about how people ask me what my just published book Leaving the Packis about, and how werewolves are the literary equivalent of the denim jacket – a staple that never goes out of fashion for very long – and that I didn’t think of bandwagons when I started it, way back in 1990. Then, werewolves were the American one terrorising London, or were the wolf-like beings of Whitley Strieber’s Wolfen, from nearly a decade before (we’re ignoring Teen Wolf). I reasoned that if a species of intelligent wolves could exist, there was no reason why a race of men who were like wild beasts inside, whose hormone and pheromone production was affected by the moon, could not also exist. I wrote a “scientifically feasible” novella, and slowly…

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