How to Write a Book Review

always good to know! My debut novel will be out in just over a month: May 16th. I’ll be looking for reviewers…. 😉

Lady Smut

Love On A Spoon by CM Kempe - 500 by C. Margery Kempe

I’m always surprised to hear people say they really liked a book but were reluctant to write a review because ‘I didn’t know what to write.’ Those of us who write for a living can easily forget how intimidating the process can be for folks used to diving into the joy of the words from the other side.

The truth is, however, that our work only gets found by the grace of those who enjoy it and say so. Your voice, reader, matters so very much. It needn’t be much of a burden either if you keep it simple.

Let me use the Amazon template as a model to demonstrate this:

First, they ask for a title. The best title is one that sums up the gist of your reaction as you’d give to a friend or co-worker. ‘It was a hoot!’ Or ‘This…

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