Daily Archives: March 29, 2014

Daylight Savings Time – A Poem


For the day that’s in it (in Europe anyway) here’s a reminder

And a hint of what might be to come when we get serious about savings…




Daylight Savings Time


Don’t forget to reset your watch

Tonight, the clocks go forward

One hour for “summer time” so

We have an extra hour of

Daylight in the evenings.

Since the twenties this tradition

Has saved us several billion dollars a year!


Well, today’s the day –

The one you’ve been waiting for:

The first day of summer!

The kids are on holidays and

Those of you still stuck in the office

Can at least discard that shirt and

Tie for the next three months!

That’s right! It is also “dressing down day”,

Officially known as “summer energy savings time”,

When businesses, from now till September,

Have to set a new trend in dress code:

Shirts, sandals and tee-shirts. It’s all part of

The effort to save on air conditioning electricity.


Set your video for the Simpson’s tonight:

You won’t be home to watch them live!

Yes; this evening begins the “summer siesta season”:

Those three months when the work day changes

From nine to five, up until eight,

With a three-hour break between two and five

To escape that sultry, early afternoon heat,

Now that air-conditioning has been outlawed

To lower the outlandish energy costs.


Tomorrow is the big day –

“Winter energy savings time”,

Or “Migration Day” as it’s more widely known!

Everyone knows the drill by now –

Unless energetically independent or indispensable,

All those north of the forty-fifth parallel

In the central continental states

Will move south of that line for winter time,

So as we can all avoid the huge heating

Waste those places used to face.